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Forum on Smart Village and Transformation of Rural Education

Pubdate:2022.4.28. 10:10 Author:editorSource:Beijing Normal University

Opening Remarks

Prof. WANG Lei, Deputy Director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Beijing Normal University, China

Dr. Ethel Agnes Pascua-Valenzuela, Director of SEAMEO Secretariat

Dr. Faiz H. Shah, Director of Yunus Center AIT, Thailand


Keynote Speech

  • 3 Zeros/Social Business for SDGs/Education for New Civilization

Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, Nobel Laureate, Chairman of Yunus Center at AIT

  • The Innovation and Practice of Improving the Quality of Classroom Teaching: Taking the Teaching Reform and Practice of Strong Interaction  in Xian’an Classroom as An Example

Prof. WANG Jixin, Executive Director of the Collaborative Innovation Center for Informatization and Balanced Development of K-12 Education by Ministry of Education of China and Hubei Provincial Government, China; Professor, Faculty of Artificial Intelligence in Education, Central China Normal University

  • Education Transformation: Implications on Inclusion and Equity

Dr. Roger Y. Chao Jr., Assistant Director/Head, Education, Youth and Sports Division, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretariat

  • International Practice and Exploration of Building a Digital Transformation Community of Higher Education

Dr. HAN Wei, Executive Deputy Director of International Centre for Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO-ICHEI)

  • Skills Passport Marks a Turning Point in Recognizing Skills Education Using Technology Integration

Dr. Janaka Jayalath, Deputy Director General, Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission, Sri Lanka

  • Reshaping Agricultural Research and Development in Higher Education Institutions in a Time of Pandemic

Dr. Glenn B Gregorio, Director, SEAMEO Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture, Philippines


Project Release

Digital Education in K-12 Schools in China: A Comparative Case Study of Rural and Urban Areas


Prof. ZENG Xiaodong, Executive Director, UNESCO INRULED

Dr. LI Baoping, Associate Professor, Vice President of Institute of Rural Education and Rural Development, Beijing Normal University, China


Invited Speech

  • Digital Economy in ASEAN/Thailand and Emerging Trends in Non-Metropolitan Areas

Dr. Pietro Borsano, Deputy Executive Director, School of Integrated Innovation, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

  • Investigation and research on the construction of teacher teams in small-scale schools in rural areas in western China under the strategy of rural revitalization

Mr. QI Zhiwen, Research Staff of the Institute of Education Science of Gansu Province, China; Director of the Institute of Higher and Vocational Education

  • Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Some Lessons

Prof. Moshed M Ahmad, Head, Department of Development and Sustainability at AIT, Thailand

  • Inter-Generation Learning and Education for Smart and Sustainable Rural Development

Prof. Kiichi Oyasu, Director of Education Cooperation Department, Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO, Japan

  • Adaptation Practices to Climate Change: a Case Study of Ethnic Minority Farmers in the Northern Mountainous Area of Vietnam

Dr. Nguyen The Manh, Rice Programme Director, Rikolto in Southeast Asia, Vietnam

  • Empowering Africa for Sustainable Development through Digital Literacy

Mr. Emmanuel Krou N’Guessan, President of the NGO GA-TIC, 2021 Laureate of the UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy, Côte d’Ivoire

  • An Analysis of Digitalization of Public Primary Schools in District Chiniot, Punjab Pakistan

Dr. Shoukat Ali, Associate Professor, Institute of Agricultural Extension Education and Rural Development, University of Agriculture, Pakistan

  • Land Use, Land Tenure, and Sustainability in the Rural Area in Indonesia: Focusing on the Educational Dimension

Mr. Asrul Sidiq, Lecturer at Syiah Kuala University, Researcher at the International Centre for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS), Indonesia

  • The Use of ICT for Vegetable Production and Marketing: A Case Study in Vientiane Province, Lao PDR

Mr. Phonedalom Bounkham, Director, Permanent Secretary Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Lao PDR