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Welcome to Join the Metaverse Exhibition! Global Smart Education Conference

Pubdate:2023.5.12. 14:14 Author:editorSource:Beijing Normal University

Join with Personal Computer (Better Experience)


Step 1: Download the installation package and install the software

Download address: (1.02GB)


Step 2: Register and log in to enter the Metaverse, it is recommended to register with a mobile phone number, and the password requires a combination of letters and numbers.



Step 3: Set the character and enter the Metaverse: W-Forward, S-Backward, A-Left, D-Right, Space-Jump, Right Mouse Button-Turn View



Step 4: Click on your interested forum to enter the live broadcast (wait patiently for the meeting to start)



Join with Personal Cellphone


Step 1: Enter the web version of the Metaverse by scanning the QR code

Metaverse Exhibition


Step 2: Click on your interested forum to watch the live broadcast or watch the replay of previous videos