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Forum on Smart Education Empowered by 5G Technology

Pubdate:2021.6.25. 9:09 Author:editorSource:Beijing Normal University

Opening Remark:


Mr. WEI Bing, Vice General-Manager of Department Government and Enterprise Affairs, China Mobile (Chengdu) ICT.Co., Ltd(Online)

Mr. ZHANG Quan, Head of Teaching and Equipment Information Office in the Department of Basic Education, Ministry of Education, China(Online)

Mr. XU Lin, President and Chief-editor of China Educational Magazine, National Center for Educational Technology

Mr. ZHAO Lijun, Vice General-Manager of China Mobile (Chengdu) ICT.Co., Ltd(Online)

Moderator:Ms. LI Baoping, Co-director of National Engineering Laboratory for Cyber-learning and Intelligent Technology


Keynote Speech:

The Construction of Smart Education Service Ecosystem

Speaker:Mr. YU Shengquan, Executive Director of Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education of Beijing Normal University; Director and Professor of China Mobile Joint Laboratory, Mobile Learning of Ministry of Education


Educational Monitering and Evaluation Empowered by Science and Technology: An Analysis of the Current Situation and Prospects

Speaker:Mr. XIN Tao, Deputy Director of the National Assessment Center for Education Quality, Ministry of Education, China; Executive Deputy Director and Professor of National Assessment of Education in Beijing Normal University


Digital Competences and Assessment in A 5G Empowered Smart Education: The Role of the Human Factor

Speaker:Dr. Nikoleta Giannoutsou, Scientific Project Officer / SELFIE project lead, Joint Research Centre, European Commission(Online)


Digital Smart Citizenship Education in the Post COVID-19 Era

Speaker:Dr. Demetrios Sampson, Professor, Digital Systems for Teaching & Learning, Department of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus, Greece; Adjunct Professor, Learning Technologies, School of Education, Curtin University, Australia (Online)


The Emergence of the Sixth Educational Revolution in Human Educational History Promoted by 5G Technolopgy

Speaker:Mr. WANG Yunwu, Vice Director of Educational Informationization Engineering Technology Research Center(Online)


Smart Education Technologies and Their Implementation and Use in UK

Speaker:Mr. Tom Poole, Global Key Account Director, Bett portfolio; Event Director of Bett Asia (BETT) (Online)

Moderator:Ms. ZHUANG Rongxia, Associate Professor of Beijing Normal University


Project Release:

Promotion Ceremony of China Mobile Smart Education Products

Speaker:Mr. KONG Lingkai, Vice General-Manager of Educational Product Centre, China Mobile (Chengdu) ICT.Co., Ltd

Moderator:Ms. ZHUANG Rongxia, Associate Professor of Beijing Normal University

Conference Hall 1, Beijing Normal University, Changping Campus