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Forum 2: The Futures of Education and Teachers’ Capacity Building

Pubdate:2020.8.16. 19:19 Author:editorSource:Beijing Normal University

Opening Address

Getachew Engida, former Deputy Director-General of UNESCO (Online)

Xudong Zhu, Dean of Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University (Online)

Chair:Xiaodong Zeng, Executive Director of UNESCO INRULED (On-Site)


Cooperation Release

National Training Plan for Informatization Capacity of Teachers in Serbia

Chair: Hao Chen, Senior Business Development Director of Elernity (On-Site)


Keynote Speech

  1. Teacher Development in Africa during COVID-19 Pandemic

Speaker: Yumiko Yokozeki, Director of UNESCO IICBA (Online)

  1. Designing Resilient Learning Systems: Preparing Teachers for a Post-COVID World

Speaker: Joseph South, Chief Learning Officer at ISTE (Online)

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Supervised learning

Speaker: Danimir Mandić, Dean of Teacher Education Faculty, University of Belgrade (Online)

  1. 3E Education Empowers Global Teachers

Speaker: Li Xiong, CEO of NetDragon Websoft (Online)

  1. Introduction of Learner-Centric Artificial Intelligence Education

Speaker: Joe Lam, Managing Director, Pearson Greater China and India Hub (Online)

Chair: Hao Chen, Senior Business Development Director of Elernity(On-Site)




Masaaki Isozu, CEO of Sony Global Education (Online)

Hayford Siaw, Executive Director of Ghana Library Authority (Online)

Karthik Krishnan, Global CEO of Britannica Education Group (Online)

Yuandong Lin, Founder and CEO of Chivox co., Ltd (Online)

Dr. John Collick, Head of International Education Strategy for Promethean(Online)

Kate Baker, Senior Community Manager at Edmodo (Online)

Chair: Xiaodong Zeng, Executive Director of UNESCO INRULED (On-Site)

Conference Room 1 (Stadium)