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The 6th International Conference on Smart Learning Environments

Pubdate:2022.4.28. 10:10 Author:editorSource:Beijing Normal University

Paper presentation

  • Research on the Perception Model and Intervention Mechanism of Academic Emotions Empowered by Artificial Intelligence

YIN Menghan, Northeast Normal University

  • Research on Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence in Education

CHU Juan, Hangzhou Normal University

  • Digital Twin technology in the field of education ——Take the management of the HTC Vive as an example

TAO Zixin, Hangzhou Normal University


Keynote Speech 2

  • Human-Centered AI for Learning: Balance Human and Computational Agency

Dr. GU Xiaoqing, East China Normal University


Paper presentation

  • The Determination of Students’ Opinions on Museum Activities Integrated with Virtual Environments

Didem Islek, Near East University

  • An Empirical Study of Intelligent Feedback Mechanism in Promoting College English Translation Learning

ZHOU Wei, Wenzhou University

  • A critical evaluation on the use of podcasting in education in the field of international development and education

NI Yijia, University College London

  • Measuring Student Use of Tencent Conference Application in EFL Teaching Based on the Technology Acceptance Model

WANG Jingli, Hangzhou Normal University

  • The Framework and Implementation of a Highly Immersive Learning Environment for China Science and Technology Museum

GU Peidi, School of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing Normal University

  • The effectiveness of artificial intelligence in classroom: A meta-analysis

LIN Ruyi, Hangzhou Normal University

  • Research on PBL-based Maker Teaching Mode Supported by AI Algorithm Platform ——Take the teaching of “Face Recognition Access Control System” as an example

XIAO Mingwang, Hangzhou Linping artificial intelligence education base


Keynote Speech 3

  • What kind of Multimedia Classrooms (MC) do college students prefer? An investigation in ZJU

Dr. LI Yan, Zhejiang University


Paper presentation

  • Research on the Influence of Co-construction Concept Map on Students’ Classroom Learning Effect in AR Environment

HAN Miao, Wenzhou university

  • A Review of the Research on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Education in China

QIN Zihan, Hangzhou Normal University

  • The smart education progress measurement: can field experts’ opinions help?

Irina Dvoretskaya, Institute of Education, Higher School of Economics

  • Study on intervention of promoting secondary students’ OSRL skills:A latent profile analysis

HU Yihui, Hangzhou Normal University

  • Achieving Change through Diversity Reformations in School Management

Nesrin M. Bahcelerli, Near East University