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Forum on Big Data in Education and Learning Analytics

Pubdate:2021.8.13. 12:12 Author:editorSource:Beijing Normal University

Opening Remark:

Speaker:Dr. WU Xiaoru,President of iFLYTEK(Online)

Moderator:Dr. ZHENG Qinhua,Professor of Beijing Normal University, Deputy Director of CIT


Keynote Speech:

Enhancing Learning through Analytics

Speaker:Dr. Kinshuk,Dean of College of Information, University of North Texas(Online)


Application and Development of Big Data in Education Management

Speaker:Mr. ZHANG Peng,Director of Center of Educational Management Information, Ministry of Education, China(Online)


Educational Evaluation Driven by Data

Speaker:Ms. ZHENG Qinhua,Professor of Beijing Normal University, Deputy Director of CITlab


How We will Think: Human and Artificial Cognition

Speaker:Dr. George Siemens, Professor and Co-Director: Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning, University of South Australia(Online)


Analysis of Interactive Discourse Behavior in Online Education

Speaker:Mr. LIU Nvsanya,Executive Vice-director of National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning/National Engineering Laboratory for Technology of Big Data Applications in Education(Online)


Data-Intensive Research and Paradigm Transformation

Speaker:Ms. ZHANG Jingjing,Professor of Beijing Normal University


Artificial Intelligence Enhancing Individualized Learning

Speaker:Mr. WANG Shijing,Vice President of iFLYTEK, Chief Scientist of Educational Technology Research Institute in iFLYTEK(Online)


Application of AI in Big Data and Precision Teaching of K12 Education

Speaker:Mr. CAO Yunbo, Chief Scientist of Tencent Intelligent Platform


How does the Education AI SaaS Platform Help the Public School System for Burden Reduction and Efficiency Increase

Speaker:Ms. LIANG Jing,Partner of Squirrel AI

Moderator:Ms. LI Shuang,Associate Professor of Beijing Normal University

Conference Hall 2, Beijing Normal University, Changping Campus