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Forum 6: K12 Education in the Age of Intelligence

Pubdate:2020.8.16. 19:19 Author:editorSource:Beijing Normal University

Opening Address

Guest: Qinhua Zheng, Vice Director of National Engineering Laboratory for Cyberlearning and Intelligent Technology (CITlab) (On-Site)

Chair: Lei Fan, Professor of Capital Normal University (On-Site)


Handbook Release

Interactive Book on Artificial Intelligence to Combat Pandemics Vivid Stories in Prevention and Control of COVID-19


Rongxia Zhuang, Associate Professor of Beijing Normal University (On-Site)

Xiang’en Hu, Professor of the University of Memphis, USA (Online)


Keynote Speech

  1. K12 Education after COVID-19 Pandemic

Guest: Zhang Xiong, Professor of Beihang University (Online)

  1. AI in Education under the International Landscape

Guest: Su Wang, Director of International and Comparative Education Research Center, National Institute of Education Sciences (On-Site)

  1. From Inspiring Mathematics to Exciting Algorithms to Interesting Programming

Guest: Xiaoming Li, Professor of Peking University (Online)

  1. Metacognition and motivation: The role of Time awareness in Prepare for Future Learning

Guest: Min Chi,Associate Professor of North Carolina State University, USA (Online)

  1. Making Room for AI at School

Guest: Avron Barr, Educational Activities Board, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (Online)

  1. How Can Students Excel at the Era where Science and Technologies Update Rapidly

Guest: Annie Ning, Director of Asia Affairs, ISTE (Online)

  1. Futures of Education in the Age of Intelligence

Guest: Qianying Wang, Vice President of Lenovo, China (On-Site)

Chair: Lei Fan, Professor of Capital Normal University (On-Site)

Conference Room 1 (Stadium)