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The 6th International Conference on Smart Learning Environments

发布时间:2022年8月16日 9:09 作者:小编 来源:北京师范大学

Opening Ceremony

Dr. HUANG Zhaoxin, Vice President of Hangzhou Normal University

Dr. LIU Dejian , President of IASLE, Co-Dean of SLIBNU

Dr. Daniel Burgos, Professor of La Universidad en Internet UNIR

Dr. Zehra Altınay, Professor of Near East University

Dr. HUANG Ronghuai, Co-Dean of SLIBNU


Keynote Speech 1

  • The future of learning: Pros and cons of online learning experience

Dr. Zehra Altınay, Near East University


Paper Presentation

  • Problem-driven Understanding in Augmented Reality:The effects on learning engagement and writing achievement

LI Qian, Wenzhou university

  • Translation of Spanish text to Mexican Sign Language glossed text using rules and deep learning

Samuel González-López, Tecnológico Nacional de México – Instituto Tecnológico de Nogales

  • Research on Knowledge Graph Construction of Python Programming Language

CHEN Qing, Department of Artificial Intelligence Education, Central China Normal University

  • A Systematic Review of Smart Learning Environments

PAN Rouye, Hangzhou Normal University

  • Research on the impact of virtual reality environment on primary school students’ classroom interaction behavior from the perspective of double-cycle theory

ZHENG Xiaoqian, Wenzhou University